The Organisational Structure of the Ombudsman is provided under the Organic Law of the Ombudsman.

Lead by the Ombudsman and their Deputies, the Ombudsman’s senior manager is the Director General, who oversees four national directorates:

  • Directorate of Public Assistance: The main contact point with the public, receives and processes complaints
  • Directorate of Human Rights: Implements case handling, monitoring, promotion and education in relation to its human rights mandate
  • Directorate of Good Governance: Implements functions relating to good governance, including issues related to maladministration and legality of public actions
  • Directorate of Administration and Finance: Provides financial, human resources, public relations, logistics and procurement services to ensure that the Ombudsman can function effectively.

The Ombudsman also has a Legal Advisory Department, Inspectorate and library. The organisational structure is illustrated below:


Organigram (current)


The Ombudsman has four Regional Offices in the Timorese territory, which allows the Ombudsman to be closer to the community and to implement its activities in a decentralized manner. Each Regional Office has a specific responsibility over a specific geographical area.

  • Regional Office in Baucau: Covering Baucau, Lautem, Manatuto and Viqueque districts
  • Regional Office in Oecusse: Coveing Oecusse district
  • Regional Office in Same: Covering Manufahi, Ainaro and Cova Lima districts
  • Regional Office in Maliana: Covering Bobonaro, Ermera and Liquica districts
  • The districts of Dili and Ailieu are covered from the Dili office


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