Here is a brief summary of the complaints and investigation process.

  1. A complaint is received by the PDHJ
  2. Both the complainant and respondent are informed
  3. The complainant is interviewed and more information is collected
  4. A preliminary inquiry is conducted to decide if complaint has sufficient grounds
  5. If the complainant does have sufficient grounds, a full investigation begins. If not, it is closed and both complainant and respondents are again informed
  6. A complaint requires sufficient evidence and grounds to proceed to a full investigation
  7. [I am unclear on how to explain the investigative process]
  8. A final recommendation is handed down by the PDHJ
  9. The respondent must inform the PDHJ of the actions it has taken with 60 days of receiving the formal report and recommendations
  10. PDHJ provides the Parliament with their report and recommendations. Reports are not usually published to the general public, but the PDHJ can publish its reports if this is in the public interest or if the response from the respondent is not adequate.

[we need a simple visual flowchart with the main steps]