• Public Employees Must Have Responsibility in Undertaking Their Work

    Dili- The Provedoria for Human Rights and Justice (PDHJ) through its Directorate of Good-Governance and the Department of Promotion and Education, on 24 March 2015, continued socializing the roles of the PDHJ to the Leaders and Public Employees of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Environment (MCIA) at Salão Delta Nova Comoro-Dili.

    The Provedor, Dr. Silverio Pinto Baptista, in his presentation on the PDHJ’s roles, requested the Leaders and Public Employees of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Environment (MCIA) to work with due responsibility as the Provedoria is an institution with the task to control the activities of the public authorities.

    The Provedor added that the mandate of the Provedoria is to protect and promote human rights and to promote good-governance, and with the nature of its work to conduct control and advocacy, promotion and education and investigations. From the results of the investigations conducted, the PDHJ would not take any decision but just to provide recommendations to the relevant Ministries and finally to the National Parliament.

    In his presentation, the Provedor told the participants that the law stipulated the PDHJ to have an important role of paying attention on the work of all public employees, not just to deal with and investigate this, but also to control things in the public administration which are not in accordance with the applicable laws so that this can be fixed through a necessary collaboration.

    Besides presenting the roles of the Provedoria, the Provedor also explained about the importance of human rights because, as Civil Servants, we need to know about what a violation against human rights is, what a crime is and who becomes the actor of the mentioned violation and crime.

    After explaining the roles of the Provedoria and the importance of human rights to the participants, the Provedor maintained encouraging everybody, including all civil employees, that the door of the PDHJ is open to all citizens including civil employees to file their complaints anytime they feel their rights violated by some entities.

    In this socialization session, the Director of Good-Governance, Mr. José Manuel Ferreira, explained about the Principles of Good-Governance, the Chief of Promotion and Education Department, Mr. Paulo Ribeiro, explained about the Types of Violations against Good-Governance while the Chief of Recommendations Follow-up Department, Ms. Laurina Nessi, spoke about the processes of filing complaints to the PDHJ and how to follow-up the recommendations the PDHJ presented to the competent Ministries.

    There were speakers from the Commission for Anti-Corruption (CAC), Dr. Aderito António Pinto Tilman and the State Inspector-General (IJE), Dr. Francisco de Carvalho. The activity was established under the cooperation between the PDHJ and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Environment (MCIA).