• The Visit of USA Professional Fellowship Members to the PDHJ Institution

    Dili- On 5 March 2015, two members of the Professional Fellowship  from the United States of America (USA), Mr. Mike Davis, an Administrator Manager at Middleton City with Mr. Bradford Thomas, the Director of Public Utilization Supplies at Leonir City, United States of America, came to visit the PDHJ Institution to share their work experiences on the area of good-governance.

    The Deputy-Provedora for the area of Good-Governance, Dra. Jesuina Maria Ferreira Gomes, emphasized that the objective of this visit was to share work experiences and to increase the knowledge of the PDHJ staff as well as for those visitors from the United States of America in the area of good-governance to see the transparency and accountability in Timor-Leste compared to those in the USA, also to learn about the culture of each country.

    The Deputy also added that, during the visit to the PDHJ, the staff from the Department of Promotion and and Education – Directorate of Good-Governance, also shared experiences with the Professional Fellowahip members about the PDHJ work such as the PDHJ’s roles, issues on good-governance in Timor-Leste and the categories of good-governance.

    Every year, this program opportunity is provided by the ONG ICMA (The International    City/County Management Association) to three countries such as Timor-Leste, Indonesia and the United States of America. Participants from Timor-Leste and Indonesia can participate in this interchange program in the United States of America while participants from the USA can participate in this interchange program in Timor-Leste and Indonesia.

    Through this interchange program, partisipants can learn about “the Lejislative Processes and practices of Good-Governance (Transparency and Accountability)”. Participants can learn more about the abilities focused more on the work of the local governments, including the roles and responsibilities to promote transparency and accountability as well as to promote good communications between leaders at the level of govenments, states and ONGs.