Strategic Plan, Annual Work Plan and Communication Strategy

Strategic Plan (2011-2020) (e)

Strategic Plan (2011-2020) (t)

Strategic Plan Result Framework (2008-2010)(t)

Plano De Acção Anual Do Provedoria Dos Direitos Humanos E Justiçapara 2012(t)

Plano Anual Para 2013 (p)


PDHJ Statute and Legislation and other Directly Relevant Legislation

Decree Law-25-2011 (Organic PDHJ)(e)

Law 5-2009 (amend Public Service Law)(e)

Law 7-2009 (Public Service Commission)(e)

Law 8-2009 (CAC Law – amended PDHJ Statute (e)

Law-2004-7 (PDHJ Statute)(e)

Law-2004-7 (PDHJ Statute)(p)


Reference Manuals 

Guideline on Human Rights Education

Handbook on police accountability, oversight and integrity

Human Rights and the Police

Manual for Police Training

Understanding Police


PDHJ Complaint Statistics

2005-2010 General Statistics(t)

Case figures 2007 to 2011

Number of 2012 completed cases DH and BG


Other useful documents

Intervention by the Provedor human rights day 2013

Provedor nia Intervensaun Loron Direitus Umanus 12-12-13

Provedors Contribution APF Annual Forum 2013

TL-EU Dialoge PDHJ Intervention on Good Governance 2nd Quarter 2013

PDHJ CEDAW report 25 July 2009

Organic law of ODHJ 2011

Monitoring system proposal presentation



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